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Eviction Notice

What is Eviction?

A notice of eviction, while frightening, is merely the first of a series of steps in the eviction process.  A letter of eviction is intended to bring attention to the legal rights and available options that each a tenant and landlord (or homeowner and financial institute) have.

Eviction Notice An eviction notice is intended to inform a tenant that a legal process for eviction has been initiated.

The eviction may continue if the matter between the tenant and landlord cannot be resolved.

The time a tenant has to respond to an eviction notice can depend on the issue(s) that provoked the letter of eviction.

If the matter is immediately confronted, a tenant could delay the process for several weeks to months and possible prevent the eviction from occurring.

A proper eviction must meet very strict requirements before the courts will deem it valid.  It is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice from a qualified attorney regarding your rights when responding to or serving an eviction notice.

Eviction Laws

The laws that apply for the eviction process will depend on the jurisdiction.  In order for a tenant to be evicted from a property, the landlord must first win a lawsuit in court granting the right for eviction.  However, you'll need to learn more about eviction laws in order to understand what to expect.

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