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Laws of Eviction

Specific laws that protect tenants and landlords can vary from state to state, city to city and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Emotions can often dictate the course of action on both sides of the matter.  Since an eviction from a property can require a court order, both a tenant and a landlord will need to know the laws that apply to their locale.

In major populated states such as California or New York, there are tenant unions that exist to protect the rights of tenants.

Some areas may have a strong pro-tenant position, that could force a landlord to pay in order to vacate a problem tenant.

Eviction laws will vary state by state.  In order to gain a proper understanding of which laws are applicable to your situation, the tenant and landlord should obtain legal advice from a local lawyer who can advise on their specific circumstances.

It is critical that you not fail to respond swiftly to a notice of eviction or fail to properly serve an eviction notice according to the law.

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